GI-XG-H2KW 2KW Vertical Wind Turbine

1 Unique aerofoil vertical axis wind wheel;
2 Modular blade and generator casing for easy assembly and toughness;
3 Ultra reliable Low RPM Permanent magnet generator;
4 Higher wind energy coefficient;
5 Zero-near noise;
6 Widely used for family, school, military, Sentry, cargo ship, etc;

Technical Parameter
rated Power                    2kW
max Power                    2.4kW
blade diameter                    2.6m
rated rotor speed                  150r/min
rated speed                   12m/s
Max start torsion moment n/m                    0.6
output voltage                      72V
start up wind speed                     3(m/s) 
work speed                     3-25(m/s)
security wind speed                     50(m/s)
generator style                    3-phase AC PM
top quality except tower                      156kg
Suggest batteries               6pcs 12v200ah
Service life                  >15 years
tower height/m               9(∮140*4
Class of insulation                          B
Material of enclosure                  Fine cast steel
Material of magnet steel  neodymium-iron-boron 38sh
Material of stator                 QZY-2/180/470
Corrosion prevention               Zinc coated,painting
Blade number & material                  5FRP blades
Over speed protection Automatic brake protection, Electromagnetic protectionautomatic unload by controller.