Air Conditioner Heat Pump


1.Safety:the electricity is mainly used to drive the compressor to work and completely separated from the water ,also,it will not products the poisonous gases such as CO2;

2.Energy saving :only 1/5 annual average electricity consumption compared to the electric water heater,1/4-1/3 to the diesel,gas and coal-fired water heater and 2/3 to the traditional solar water heater;

3.Environmental protection:no waste gas ,waste water and waste residue releasing;

4.24-hour supply:no affected by the weather conditions and installation no restriction on the buildings or floors,using range throughout the highlands、mountainous and plains;

5.Time saving:short pre-heating time,stable water output;

6.Long service life: famous world brand components +integrated strengthen technology of international top standards=service life more than 10 years;

7.Appearance fashion: luxury and elegant body design with 304 stainless steel , three-dimension highlight;

8.The certifications:ISO9001 Quality Management System;3C Authentication ;CB certificate ;


Air Conditiner Water Heater
Model No. Unit GI-PACWH024CA
Heating Capacity kW 6.9
BTU/h 24000
COP 6.5
Hot Water Volume L/h 150
Max Water Outlet Temparature 50
Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220V/50Hz
Rated Input Power (Heating/Cooling) W 1700
Max Input Current  A 11A
Ambient Temperature -740
Heat Exchanger 316L heat exchanger
Refrigerant/Volume kg R407/R417/R410/1800
Compressor Type Panasonic
Number of Fans  pcs 1
Fan Direction Side Blown
Fan Rotation Speed  RPM 850
Noise  dB (A) 55
Piping Diameter  inch 3/4
Discharge Pressure MPa 2.5
Suction Pressure  MPa 0.3-0.8
Rated Water Pressure  MPa 0.2-0.6
Max Water-in Pressure  MPa 0.7
Min Water-in Pressure MPa 0.15
Net Weight  kg 45
Shipping Weight  kg 48
Product Dimension  mm 850×300×600
Shipping Size  mm 975×415×695

Note:Rated hot water operational mode:EDB/EWB temperature:20/15,inlet water temperature 15,outlet water temperature 55